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      Located in the South of Minas Gerais, a region globally renowned for the great production of high quality coffees, the group SH Coffees is divided into 4 independent centers of production.


Different microclimates, altitudes and other varied factors provide for distinct and very desirable characteristics to the coffees.

Surrounded by the beautiful and vast Furnas Lake, it has a flat relief, characteristic of a modern coffee, which enables the use of machinery and advanced techniques to obtain a high quality product with competitive costs in the market.
Located between 900 and 1050 meters above the sea level, it is favored by a mild climate and high fertility soils, where the conditions are ideals for its development and production of the highest quality beans.
Located at Santana da Vargem, it has most of its coffee planted in a mountainous relief with altitude between 850 and 1020 meters.
Surrounded by the city of Varginha, which today stands as a large commercial center of coffee in Brazil and in the world, Santa Rita Farm has coffee trees in Topázio variety, which has been very popular with its notable features as sweetness and body.
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